Update – May 22, 2017

Last week I got back the Autonomic Nervous System test.   Everything came in classified as “normal”, except for the “Head up Tilt” test under Vasomotor Function, which said underneath the results “This almost but not quite meets criteria for postural tachycardia”, and is classified as “No definite abnormality”.

I am unsure what the phrase “almost but not quite” means.   And I am wondering if this result could provide an alternative explanation for the bouts of dizziness I sometimes experience, in lieu of “anxiety”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to speak with the doctor, and appointments are typically booked out far in advanced.

I’ll be at the Mayo Clinic in one week’s time, and so will ask them about this when I am there.

The next few weeks ought to be enlightening with regards to this whole situation.   On Wednesday I have an Opthalmologist appointment to rule out Sjogrens, and on Friday I plan to fly out to the Mayo Clinic.

Quite honestly, I have very low expectations that these will yield any new information, as I have already had so many tests done.  However, one never knows…

Symptom wise I feel that the flares have gotten worse in their intensity. However – at the same time, tolerance builds, I also do have moments where I feel nearly completely fine, which I am very grateful for.   Keeping myself distracted is very important, as is resting when necessary.

My mind shifts from optimism and hope, to occasional despair if I’m in the middle of a pain flare, and then back to optimism again once the pain disappears.   It is kind of strange, as sometimes a pain cycle can last for a few hours, or for a brief – highly intense moment, and then suddenly change.   It is difficult to predict…like the ebb and flow of a lightening storm.  Regardless of this, I feel I am heading in the right direction.

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