Allergist Appointment – October 19, 2017

This morning I visited with an allergy doctor. Given that my health insurance is going to be drastically changed and more limited next year, I decided it would be best to use the benefits I have this year to do this.

My expectation when I visited, was not to find a cure for the Small Fiber Neuropathy.   Given that I can say with near 100% certainty that the condition is autoimmune / immune mediated, I wanted to gain an understanding as to what foods and/or environmental toxins I could be sensitive to, in order to not inadvertently provoke my immune system into action.

The doctor ran a bunch of tests for various allergies, all of which came back normal.   He was very understanding and told me it was good that I was doing my “due diligence” with the matter.

I also had been curious if I have some sort of penicillin allergy, since my symptoms began several weeks after taking a penicillin-based antibiotic.   The Doctor told me that while he could do a test, the test would only apply towards immediate allergic reactions.   He said there are some cases where allergic reactions can be delayed for a variety of reasons – however, there is not any way to test for that.

Given that I had not experienced any immediate symptoms when I took the penicillin-based antibiotic several years ago, it was unlikely that the test would show anything, and therefore I decided it is not worth doing.

The allergist ultimately drew the same conclusion as my most trusted neurologist.   He thinks that at some point I had some kind of mild infection/illness, which triggered an auto-immune response.   He said there is no way to prove or disprove that the antibiotic had anything to do with it (whereas my neurologist told me the antibiotic could have been one component of a sequence of events). The allergist also said that doctors right now lack a lot of information in this area of medicine, and so a lot is unknown.

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  1. Hello paul;

    It’s been a long time since I visited your blog. I hope you’re feeling better. It looks like your research with the immunologist doctor added little is not it?

    Well, I focused on the idea of ​​intestinal leak. As I lived 50 years of celiac without knowing and it was the outbreak of neuropathy that took me to some extent to discover.

    I used two substances that were brought to me from Germany. One is Tasectan (gelatine tannate) and one is Paneceo-Med (zeolite). Both substances are innocuous and the recent articles referents are capable of treating intestinal permeability. Well, this approach has brought me therapeutic results, but not totally. About once a week I have an activation, often very strong, usually involves consuming some immunogenic food or I know it is irritating. Other times by emotional stress and, unfortunately, sometimes without a clear connection of causality. As if it were a cycle in which a substance reaches its peak in the circulatory system and irritates the peripheral nerves (in my case, the longer ones that take feet and sometimes the hands). And then this substance seems to end. Hard to say. Because there are no new medical answers, we should look for others.

    I think of testing diet AIP paelo (the same as in functional medicine practically) but I hesitate because it further restricts my options.

    I still have a hyperbaric camera as an option but it causes me claustrophobic thoughts.

    Do not be discouraged from writing on your blog!

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