Update – September 29, 2017

Since my last post, I have not seen any doctors. I am planning to have a final consultation with the neurologist I most trust next week.

With that said, I continue to feel nerve pains on an on-and-off basis. It can be quite intense at times, but at the same time, it comes-and goes, moment by moment. I do have moments where I feel complete fine, and others that are less so. It does not affect my ability to physically do things, and for that I am very grateful. People I interact with would never know I have a problem unless I told them. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to deal with, and so my mental strength has been building with time.

The worst is always when Iā€™m trying to sleep, or when my body is getting into a relaxed state. I tend to feel nerve firings most in this circumstance. At the same time, I feel my mind has, in some way, adapted to the situation ā€“ and it interferes with my sleep a lot less so now, despite feeling the nerve firings going into sleep. My pain tolerance threshold seems to have increased quite a bit with time.

I do get regular nerve sensations that fire in the area of my heart. I think a year ago, this would cause me the most amount of worry, as it can feel very ominous. I’ve been told by multiple neurologists that this is a purely a sensory sensation. While I still feel this today ā€“ perhaps more regularly and perhaps with some more intensity, at the same time my mind is quite at peace with it. And every time my nerves fire in this manner, I try to further the process of my mind becoming peaceful with this situation.

Another symptom which is somewhat more prevalent, is that sometimes if I scratch my skin, I can feel the scratch linger for many minutes afterwards.

While overall I feel my anxiety levels are as low as they have been in a while (albeit, this fluctuates), dealing with the constant overhang of this nerve problem is one that I simply will have to continue to learn to live with and adapt to, to the best of my ability. I do various mental exercises to help to evolve my perception of pain. And, every day / block of time I get through, where the symptoms are moderately low or minimal, I celebrate as a tremendous success.

And so that is it for now. Wishing everyone a low (and hopefully no) pain day!

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