Therapy Fans for Small Fiber Neuropathy

This post is a sequel to my “Power of Ice” entry I wrote just over a year ago.

I learned over the course of this year, that small, powerful handheld fans can be nearly as powerful as ice.

My theory is that the bombardment of the sensory nerves with the cool wind of a fan can help to scramble some of the bad signals. It provides a form of competitive stimuli.

It can also be calming and soothing.

I bring mine everywhere I go, to meetings, restaurants, busses, etc. It is cool and quite powerful. I often get positive comments on it, like “That is such a great idea!” from people who don’t realize I have an issue. I’ve often joked that I should become a fan salesperson, as I’ve become very passionate about my fans.

The following is the fan I use when I’m out-and-about, which I purchased around 6 months ago. It costs around $14 on Amazon. It can be viewed by clicking here.

It seems to be holding up, though in the past month the stand has become a little lose.

I also keep large Lasko Wind Curve fan by my bed.  In conjunction with this, I keep a small fan on my bed frame.

While obviously fans are no cure for SFN (how I wish they were), in my own experience I’ve found them to be helpful in providing some relief, as well as keeping a measure of control over what you are feeling, which could help to keep the corresponding anxiety in check.

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