Be Careful of Cuts, Even if You Haven’t Lost Nerve Sensation

A couple nights ago, I felt some pain sensations coming from the general area of my hand.  At the time I was watching TV, and just ignored the pain thinking that it was the SFN (Small Fiber Neuropathy) that I experience regularly.

A while later, I looked down, and realized I had a pretty sizeable, yet superficial cut on my thumb.  I am not sure where it came from, perhaps I had cut myself when I was washing dishes, and didn’t realize it.  After I found the cut, I put alcohol and a band aid over it.

I suppose the feeling of being cut must seem so normal to me, that I didn’t even realize when a real cut had occurred.   For some reason, I found this to be rather funny, and started laughing – perhaps due to the completely messed up nature of the situation.

I had read previously that people with SFN have to be careful about cuts, as they might not feel them occur due to loss of sensation.   However, I never once heard of having to be careful about cuts, due to confusing them with the regular pain sensations of SFN.   Yet, it makes total logical sense.  And so, I’ll do my part to adding to the discourse of SNF safety through this post.

Even if you have not lost sensation, if you have SFN it may be wise to check yourself regularly for cuts.

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